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By Aina

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi All
Have another query
Radish has been put from seed in ground cover put over till seeds established but now quite a lot have gone to flower mode could this be that my father has planted too late or used old seed.
He has had me watering them every day but not much growing in ground more aboce groumd.

He also has habit of adding to the soil every year lots of manure could this be a problem.

is anyone else struggling with there potatoes this year our plants were doing really well at first but now the sun has fried the lot as there is no shade on our plot.



Radish have gone to seed as its been so hot .... nothing wrong with the seed

15 Jul, 2018


Yes, with heat and drought you often get radish flowers without getting radish roots.

15 Jul, 2018


When growing radish, you need to sow a few at a time; probably just twenty or so every fortnight. If as you seem to have done, by growing lots at a time and not using them quickly enough makes them run to seed.

15 Jul, 2018

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