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By Mick_d

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I have some weeds in the garden and i noticed small puffs of smoke coming from them.
Can anyone identify the weed ?




the puffs of smoke I think is pollen. I do recognise it but cant recall its name.
I will go and look in my book.

15 Jul, 2018


I think it is Pellitory of the wall, Paerietaria diffusa being its botanical name. synonym P. officinalis
its a member of the nettle family and that would go with the pollen dispersal.

15 Jul, 2018


good lord, Seaburngirl, I never heard of it... well, I continue to learn, but I bet I won't remember ...

15 Jul, 2018


Thank you so much Seaburngirl, this is what is growing in the garden. The pollen leaves the plant like small plumes of smoke, I've never seen anything like this . Thank you so much for your help.

15 Jul, 2018


Great - I've always wanted to know what that's like! (too idle to look to up though...)

15 Jul, 2018


I hope to get nettles doing this but they tend to do it about 4-5am mid june-july and I just don't seem to get up in time.
I know I know it but I always have to look it up. not easy on the tongue is it?

16 Jul, 2018

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