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Failing wisteria. I am at a loss to explain why my wisteria (planted May 2017) is failing to thrive? Recently the new growth has changed colour which might point to something? It has been wel watered, fed occasionally and left to its own devices as I was expecting it to grow like a triffid up my house! The rootball does not get any sun but further up the plant the leaves get the sun in the afternoon. (Was just thinking that with this heat maybe the metal wires are too hot for the wispy bits to grow up?) I have added more photo’s on my photo’s so you can see how I have put framework in place for it to cover the front of the house. Any ideas greatly appreciated.

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How did you prepare the ground before planting , also how well did it put up with the winter weather and the minus temperatures ? as its not had the best start weather wise

15 Jul, 2018


Prepared planting site with plenty of organic, nutrient rich matter. Have topped up in autumn with soil improver/ mulch. Am worried that planting whole and area is too small as it’s wedged against a concrete fence base.

15 Jul, 2018



Have the roots got a opportunity to grow out from the concrete fence base ?

15 Jul, 2018


Am not sure, but that might be the problem. Will investigate.

15 Jul, 2018


this looks like an effect of the hot weather Amsterdam. some of my wisteria leaves are looking like this.

16 Jul, 2018

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