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My neighbour has seen an unknown plant growing amongst a lot of weeds,where chickens & ducks were kept. This plant has large leaves, a thistle type bit on the top of the stems,& the white flowers open in the evening, usually only one at a time. Can anyone tell me what it is, wild flower or garden plant, please.

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Datura stramonium or Thorn apple. Garden escape, but somewhat poisonous (if I am correct that is).

15 Jul, 2018


Agree it is Datura - info in the link below

15 Jul, 2018


I like the RHS's comment about 'made much of in the media'. It's often called 'a South American invader' and much is made of the 'rarity'.

16 Jul, 2018


Very pretty flowers which also come in lavender shades. Lots of newspaper articles on how horrendous it is, poisonous etc., as if it is going to leap out and bite! Summer lack of news for the papers!
Providing you have no dog or child who is likely to eat the seed case, it's prickly, so not likely, its not a problem and only one of many common garden flowers that are poisonous.

16 Jul, 2018


This plant is featured in my blog about half way down. Here's the link:

16 Jul, 2018


Notice I said 'somewhat poisonous' Like many plants it is only a problem if mis-used. Look up Jimson weed!

16 Jul, 2018

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