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It's been a long time since I logged on!!! SOrry nt to thank those who answered my previous query. I have given up on the water hyacinths now. However I do have another question. I have a Giant Redwood that is growing extremely well. It is now up at about 30ft, but it has several lower branches close to the ground. Is it a good idea to cut those off? If so, about what height should the branches start? I have seen them in the Mount Ranier national park and you can walk right under them. I can add a picture if necessary.




I've been to the Redwood Forests of Northern California. Pictures don't do them justice. The size and majesty of the Redwoods is awe inspiring. With the proper tools & technique, you can trim the tree to the desired height. Here is a video which covers the basic steps.

How to Prune (Not Kill) Trees and Shrubs

16 Jul, 2018


I wouldn't cut them because they lower the center of gravity, which would help in strong winds.
Growing up in California, we used to go camping among the redwoods in Sequoia National Forest, where the really big ones are. Further north was the one we drove through.

17 Jul, 2018

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