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hello,i planted a russion vine in a large pot it grew well but didn't flower,its leaves are now turning yellow,what could be wrong with it.thanks in advance.



Perhaps anticipating autumn in these dry conditions. Never heard of growing one in a pot - hope you have plenty f space for it to climb up - they get huge. If its still small enough to be in a pot its probably too young to flower yet.

17 Jul, 2018


Hi, I agree with Steragram, its common name is 'mile-a-minute vine, but it only appears that way if you take your eye off it, Derek.

17 Jul, 2018


Its probably outgrown its pot - but think three times before you release it into the wild by planting it - it will travel long distances. I once found growth from one at the end of a long pipe - when I traced it back, it was coming from easily 50 feet away in next door's garden...

17 Jul, 2018


thanks foiks

17 Jul, 2018

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