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moray, United Kingdom Gb

my grass is awful like everybody elses.should i be feeding it or scarifying it or something.?



My advice, based on 1976, it to just leave it to wait for the rain.

17 Jul, 2018


Feeding it would do no good as without water the grass couldn't use it. Just be patient and wait for rain.

Just noticed Hazeyboo said the same thing...

17 Jul, 2018


And I'd offer exactly the same advice...when the rains come (even if its not till September), the grass will recover, but may need more attention next year in terms of moss. I have to say, its a long time since I walked across grass that is so crispy and dry that it makes that crunching sound, like when its frozen - ours looks like the Sahara desert currently

17 Jul, 2018


Thats what everyone seems to be saying.I did go around putting some holes in grass with fork at really bad parts.we have lots of rain this morning,hooray!

20 Jul, 2018

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