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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Along my wooden fence I have 4 wires which support my blackberries every year. The bottom wire is 2 ft off the ground and the others 3,4 and 5 ft.
I know I could fix another above these but can I cut down the distance between the wires to 9 inches each ? 1 ft gives plenty of room but 9 inches would give me an extra wire which I really need this year.



Hi Hank, they're your wires, you can have them wherever suits you best, it won't make any difference to the blackberries, Derek.

17 Jul, 2018


Thanks D, but is 9 inches between wires enough

17 Jul, 2018


Hi Hank, yes the blackberries wont mind at all, Derek.

17 Jul, 2018


I agree they cant count! they use the back facing thorns to help them 'climb' in the wild.

17 Jul, 2018


Thanks, got it. But no thorns on mine SG, completely thornless.

17 Jul, 2018


It's all right...the thornless mutations don't know that they are "special". ;)

18 Jul, 2018

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