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I call on my felloow gardeners for advice.

My 5 year old Hibiscus is not looking very well this year.

I water but don't overwater and fed it why do you think it is looking so sad?

Answers appreciated.





Looks like it needs repotting it's probably run out of food/space ...If you tip it out and it looks congested put it in another bigger pot with fresh soil

18 Jul, 2018


Yep, agree, needs a bigger pot, especially if its been in the same one for all that time. You may need to pot into a larger size every other year... these are quite large shrubs.

18 Jul, 2018


It actually looks like a congested group of seedlings, not a 5 year old shrub. What is the actual history of this pot?

19 Jul, 2018


It is a Hibiscus.I repotted it earlier in the year. 3 days after I gave it a good watering it showed some life back into the leaves. Still hoping. Thank you for all your responses.


22 Jul, 2018

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