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Cleome senorita/Carolina seems to be already getting near it's end flowering wise any tips on getting it to re-flower apart from dead heading could I cut it down to the base and see if it will re-grow?

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Bit late in the UK for cutting it right down and expecting it to regrow quickly; the main growing season is over, really, now we're past the longest day - these sorts of plants will shortly be preparing themselves for dormancy, even though we're unaware of it at this stage. Not sure I'd risk it, but you could certainly try...

18 Jul, 2018


Cleome senorita is a annual I read with interest sarah ravens article in the telegraph about how annuals have a much longer flowing period than perennials I have dead headed these in the past to no avail but could try a couple of total cut downs seeing as this could be a long summer these cleomes cannot be grown from seed only cuttings and I've had poor success at raising them so source them on line in may

18 Jul, 2018


Nothing to lose by trying it then - I'd like to know the results!

18 Jul, 2018

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