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Hallo to you all from Germany..this question is about Rhododendrons.


By Rogi

NRW, Germany De

Hallo to you all from Germany. I have Rhodedendron growing in a fair sized pot. I have noticed that the pot is now full up to the top with roots. When the time is month or thereabouts (september-october) is it adviseable to re-pot it in a bigger pot or should I leave it in the pot it is now growing in?. Thanks for your answers in advance. Rogi.

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Hello, Rogi, andf welcome to GoY.
My preference would be to move it to a larger pot. Left in this pot the roots will take up all the space and you will not be able to get water or feed to the roots. Rhododendrons are shallow rooted shrubs so a possibly wider but shallower container might be an idea.

30 Aug, 2010


I agree with Bulbaholic. It will appreciate being moved into a broader/wider pot.

Welcome from me too.

30 Aug, 2010


Thank you Bulbaholic and Fractal for your answers. I will re-pot it in a bigger pot, I have got quite a few bigger ones down at the weekend house. BTW, thank you for the warm welcome.

31 Aug, 2010

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