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Can anyone id this small butterfly? I've never seen anything like it before

Img_20180718_142729266_burst001 Img_20180718_142720315_burst001



Looks like a Mint Moth ... flies during both day and night. Feeds on Mints and Marjoram.

19 Jul, 2018


Its definitely not a butterfly, and never having heard of nor seen a mint moth, I looked it up, and that does seem to be what it is... I''ve seen some very pretty moths recently, but never this one...

19 Jul, 2018


Agree with Shirley "Mint Moth" this can be seen during the day flying around


19 Jul, 2018


Have just seen one feeding on marjoram I didn't know what it was either. Excellent that I can put this down as a Mint Moth for the butterfly survey, after checking online. Thankyou Youngalistair for asking the question.

20 Jul, 2018


Yes it is a mint moth. I have them on my mint and a couple of other herbs. They are very tiny but I can put up with them.

20 Jul, 2018


That's ok it's very pretty and has what looks like gold markings never seen gold before

21 Jul, 2018

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