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How are we in the UK drought?
OK I admit this one is probably the worst & a water ban is on the way.
Pot grown plants are particularly vulnerable'
2 Magnolias have crispy leaves.
A fig tree has shed all leaves.
A 25 yr old Leucothoe looks brittle
An apple tree is drying
Rose bushes died in hours......others are ok

Some shrubs have grown like crazy.....3 types of daphne in particular



Weeds in a brown lawn are invisible.....
I have a pittosporum shedding some leaves everywhere!!!!.
and the flowers from a false acacia were best ever

19 Jul, 2018


Sorry to hear you've lost some plants Bill. Hope your Leucothoe recovers- 25 years is quite a long time. I try to keep my eye on a potted Carmelia - it had two flowers this year and I was hoping for more next so trying not to let it dry out. Nothing had actually died here but its not growing much either...

19 Jul, 2018


Hanging baskets suffering I have lost about 10/20% of the plants in them.In the greenhouse I have 4 melon plants that are thriving the rest are OK at the moment.

19 Jul, 2018


i have lost some trailing plants which hang over the side of stone containers. The stone gets too hot, I suppose. my phlox plants look droopy and have produced smaller flower heads than usual and this is in spite of regular watering. Zonal geraniums are doing fine.

20 Jul, 2018


My beautiful Clematis Princess Diana has shrivelled and died I think due to snail damage so I've cut it down and fingers crossed it'll survive.

20 Jul, 2018


Oh yes, Camomile, my Princess Diana has shrivelled too!

21 Jul, 2018


I've cut it right down Pennyfarthing and its sprouting from the bottom. I'm sure it was the snails rasping at the stems as a friend lost her clematis and I asked the question as to what it was a few weeks ago. I can't use green slug pellets as my daughter has a little schnauzer and she'll eat anything!

22 Jul, 2018


Some plants not in containers are behaving odd. No flowers on a nellie moser clematis. 4 yr old hydranger just about dead......We have had rain followed by blisteringly hot or to have been too hot to sit out in.....i'm still not tanning on my legs after 6 weeks in shorts....too much indoors?

25 Jul, 2018

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