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Returned from Turkey last Sept with flower seeds which has produced this delicate purple flower. Can anybody ID it as I cannot find in my gardening books. Is it a weed?????

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Have a look at Knautia macedonica.

20 Jul, 2018


Gomphrena globosa, actually. The Globe Amaranth.

21 Jul, 2018


Whilst that’s a beautiful flower, I have no idea what it is, bringing seeds, cuttings etc from abroad can put our own plants and flowers at risk of foreign pests and diseases. There are strict rules in place to prevent outbreaks of diseases such as Dutch Elm etc, please could I ask gardening fans not to bring back plants and seeds from their overseas trips to ensure our own plants remain healthy. Sorry to sound harsh but we could wipe out native species by doing what we think is harmless x

21 Jul, 2018


Well said, Greenfingers. Of course, it's not just the rik of disease. Non-native plants can simply out compete the native flora.

And it doesn't take much. One missionary bringing in plants to put in a pond is said to be responsible for all the dmage done by Kariba weed in central Africa.

21 Jul, 2018

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