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This plant grew in a tub of mixed salad leaves I planted. The flowers and leaves look like a pepper and I thought at first it was an orange bell pepper that I had planted but which had not germinated and then I reused the compost and perhaps the seed got a second chance. But the fruit grew in bunches and did not enlarge. Nor have they changed colour as they ripened. The plant is quite prolific and I'm reluctant to throw it all away if the fruit is edible. Can anyone identify it for me please? Beverley

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it is a solanum of which peppers/toms/potatoes belong too. but most are poisonous wo without a clear identity i would not eat the. can you remeeber what the flowers were like?

30 Aug, 2010


Its Black Nightshade (Solanum nigrum), an annual weed of cultivation.

30 Aug, 2010


Funnily enough though, there is an African close relative (Solanum melanocerasum) sometimes called a Garden Huckleberry that produces edible fruit (once cooked).

Don't eat these though as you need to be sure which it is....and they will turn black when they eventually ripen.

30 Aug, 2010

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