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By Clarkj

West Sussex, United Kingdom Gb

I have 2 fairly large viburnum shrubs which are being destroyed by the viburnum beetle. I have had them pruned but the new foliage is now being attacked. How do I get rid of them?



The best way for this problem is to spray with bugclear by provado, if you do this three times a year they will be free of shothole.

20 Jul, 2018


The best time to spray is in spring, when the larvae are hatching; the most effective treatment is with a neonicotinoid spray (Bug Clear Ultra) and its best not to use that any more often than is absolutely essential, so spraying at the most effective time is better for the environment (and you). The damage you're currently seeing is from the adult beetles which hatched earlier in the year.

From an ecological standpoint, I would put up with the appearance of your viburnums this year, and then make sure to spray at the correct time in spring next year - doing that means you won't have to spray again unless they reappear in further years. Link below for full information

21 Jul, 2018

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