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Hi All!

I have successfully harvested my first and second early pots and am now looking at the Desiree. Some of the leaves have now died down but others are still very green. Is this unusual as I don't recall coming across it before? Should I leave them until all the leaves have died down?



Are you planning to store them? If not just dig them as you need them, but take the died back ones first before you can't tell where they are... Good idea to dig them while the grounds still dry though because of possible slug damage.

21 Jul, 2018


Thanks Steragram. I am actually growing them in containers so in theory it should be easy to trace the pots with the withered leaves! I tend to consume them as they are harvested.

22 Jul, 2018


Oh well, I'd just go on harvestibng them as you need them then. Enjoy! (Hope you have lots of mint to go with them - let me know if not!)

23 Jul, 2018

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