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Gooseberry sawfly: I'm very familiar with this little pest an usually manage to find them when newly hatched,before they defoliate the plant, but this year half the leaves have been stripped without me being able to find one single one. Is there anything else (hard to find!)that strips leaves? And do the overwintering cocoons lie on the surface or manage to bury theselves?



in my experience they drop to the soil, bury them selves then pupate in the soil. cant think of anything that is so quick though, but no doubt there will be .

5 Aug, 2018


Wouldn't you just know - I guess that means they'll be back. Haven't been troubled by them since we moved here 12 years ago, though it was an annual problem before that..
maybe if I mulch the bush and the hoe it shallowly next summer the birds might find the grubs - hope springs eternal...

6 Aug, 2018

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