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Poo id please! Found these on my front lawn by my sweatpeas just now. Cat had a whiff of it but was none the wiser when I asked her! Any ideas?

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I'm no poo officianado but I'd go with fox, it's always black.

22 Jul, 2018


going by the scale of it against the grass and what seems to bee beetle wing cases etc I'd go hedgehog.

22 Jul, 2018


I've seen poo like this in my garden recently and I have also heard a hedgehog grunting (although I didn't actually see it)

When I googled 'hedgehog droppings' the photos looked like this so I think we both have hedgehogs in our gardens :)

23 Jul, 2018


I'd say hedgehog too. Fox droppings have a distinct point to the end.

23 Jul, 2018


Wonderful if you can help hedgehogs. Can you pot down a tray of water under the shade of shrubs nearby and if you are keen, help it along with cat food or cat biscuits. There are few slugs to be found and the hedgehog must be finding life hard. He needs to fatten up to survive the winter. My daughter who lives in York buys special hedgehog food and now has a happy resident named Herbert, recently joined by a young lady called Sherbet!
They do need a large area to forage in and will travel from garden to garden for food, hopefully returning to where they know life is good!

23 Jul, 2018


That’s great news! I am very keen to give hedgehogs a helping hand and will leave out water but am reluctant to leave out any cat food/ biscuits as there are over 8 cats in surrounding houses and I will end up supplying the whole neighbourhood.

23 Jul, 2018


you can buy hedgehog food now [Morrisons stock it]that doesn't contain some of the compounds in cat and dog food that can be harmful. But any extra food is good for them. we have 2 at the moment [well 2 together on Sat] and they also love soaked mealworms that we put out for the birds. I have several trays of water out for them as well as the birds.
I agree about feeding the cats Amsterdam, they sniffed the hedgehog pellets but didn't eat them.

I showed the photo of the scat to my daughter [she's doing wildlife conservation at uni] and she said hedgehog also, the wing cases of beetles being pretty diagnostic.

23 Jul, 2018


Definitely hedgehog. We have it too but I would caution against putting out food for it if there are likely to be rats around you. I had to stop feeding because of the rodents.

24 Jul, 2018


Yes I agree Arbuthnot. Will leave water out at several points in garden but reluctant to leave food out as will end up with some unwanted pests!

24 Jul, 2018


luckily she has a camera trap from uni and so far no rats, the odd cat, 5 squirrels and a stoat are the other mammals that visit the garden after dark.

25 Jul, 2018


I put out a very little food and then sat a good distance away quietly in the dark, hoping to hear snorts and snuffles somewhere in the garden, but no luck, so removed the food. I have left trays of water all around and will try food again this eve. It's good to know Morrison's do special hedgehog food.

26 Jul, 2018

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