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I’ve just realised I’ve badly damaged one of my cheese plant’s aerial roots! I thought it was a malformed stalk and tried (but failed) to break it off, and now realise it’s a root. Is there anything I can do to rescue it? It is badly bruised but not broken off close to the main body of the plant. I also have a moss stake if that helps. Thanks!




Everybody makes mistakes but it will recover. Dab a pair of scissors with alcohol or pass through a flame to sterilize. One clean cut just beneath the break. Dab a little cinnamon on the cut to keep it sterile & prevent infection. Then just leave it alone & let it heal itself. It will regenerate eventually.

25 Jul, 2018


By beneath the break, Bathgate means slightly closer to the stem that the root came from. The plant isn't going to suffer much from the loss of that one root, as long as it doesnt get infected, and it should either grow a branch root from that one, or an entirely new one, to replace it.

25 Jul, 2018


Thank you both!

25 Jul, 2018


When mine get too long and start to snake across the floor i just cut them off and it doesn't seem to do any harm at all so i wouldn't worry.

25 Jul, 2018


Tough as old boots. I had one that was felled by our bunny (don't ask) right down at the bottom but it re grew.

26 Jul, 2018

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