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How tall will these newly purchased Lobelia speciosum grow? Growing advice please, as not enough on the label. Do they need protection in the winter? Have been looking at members comments & some people say they can't keep them.
Also need help with Senecio candida, Angels' Wings.
Have also bought 2 salvias, Pink Lips & Clotted Cream but I'm told the height on their labels.
Any tips on all of the above welcome. Have been on a spending spree!

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the lobelia grows to 60-80 cm tall and I have only ever managed to keep them for a couple of years. don't know why I lost them it was nt a hard winter.
the angel wings grows to about 45cm and prefers full sun. but I haven't grown it.

26 Jul, 2018


Thank you for your reply, Seaburngirl.

27 Jul, 2018


Hi, Lobelia speciosum likes moist soil,{even boggy], in full sun or partial shade in a sheltered position, Derek.

27 Jul, 2018


If this is a haspen lobelia a sadly neglected garden plant as it doesn't last. In the second year given a enough root space I would say mine are 4ft now .I've seen them at 5ft in large terracotta containers these are very cheap to buy at long acres in bagshot but don't think will last much past

29 Jul, 2018


Thank you for your help. I have light sandy soil so will have to put in a lot of compost when I plant & perhaps some water holding granules. I certainly have no bog conditions. I think they should tell you more at these Gdn Centres but obviously they want to sell & don't tell you that you might not keep things very long. I shall just have to wait & see. Will try & protect through the winter.

29 Jul, 2018


Hi, as you say, there should be more information on the label, but unfortunately, it's not in their interest to let you know that you may not have the right conditions, in case they lose a sale, I actually think they would get more repeat sales, if they gave more information, and people wouldn't be disappointed, so return for more plants, but they're just interested in the here and now, Derek.

29 Jul, 2018

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