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Hello, we are almost ready to move into our new house, which has two large brick planters constructed as part of the entrance steps, one on each side of the house. please see arrow on picture. Can you advise a suitable evergreen plants, of medium height (preferably that flowers) that might make an attractive feature all year round to our new home? And what preparation to the base soil that may be required before planting? We are based in Northumberland.
many thanks in anticipation




Do you know whether it has a solid concrete base or whether there would be drainage?

26 Jul, 2018


And also, which way does that area face in terms of north, south whatever?

26 Jul, 2018


What is that rectangle on the wall that forms the rear of the planter. Is it a vent or small window? If it is a clothes dryer vent you may not want a planting in front of it blocking its access. If it is a window to provide some light to a basement, same reason with regards to a planting in front of it.

29 Jul, 2018


John you need to answer these questions before folk can help you as we want to give you the best advice.. You can put your answer as a comment under the last one here.

29 Jul, 2018

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