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Sap of a Fig Tree

Leigh-on-Sea Essex, United Kingdom Gb

Not a good pic, my arms started to get Itcy when cutting some suckers off my Fig Tree, be warned......the sap brings one up in Blisters, lucky the sun was out as it could have made the Blistering worse so I was lucky, I washed my arms straight away when I realised the Sap was the cause so Beware::((




ouch that looks sore.
I don't have a fig but our neighbours do so I will let him know.

30 Jul, 2018


Thanks for this. I have a Fig and I didn’t know. I’ve seen the sap, but I have so far had no problems...but best warned!

30 Jul, 2018


It wasn't sore, just itchy. Seeing I washed my arms soon after I felt it itching the rash soon disappeared thankgoodnes :o))

31 Jul, 2018


Why was it lucky that the sun was shining? I would have thought that would have made it worse or even caused the problem. The sun shining through the little globules of sap turns them into mini lenses, resulting in burns. Best to do any trimming on a dull day.

31 Jul, 2018


Ha! Ha! I meant to say....Lucky the sun wasn’t out LoL

31 Jul, 2018


What a difference 2 letters make, ( n't )!

31 Jul, 2018


Off to cut some stinging nettles down today, they are rather tall, I left them for the wildlife but they are drying up now, I will be using the long gloves that I use for the pond, they go up to my arm pits so I should be free from getting stung LOL.

1 Aug, 2018

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