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Does anyone know what could have done this to my Tree lillies? twisted upper stems and leaves with most of the buds turned black, on some stems all the leaves turned brown and I had to cut them to ground level.

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Mmmm! Were they in full sun? Maybe the heat got to them?
I hope someone comes up with an answer.
I think you should have waited for them to die down naturally though & just taken the flowers off so all the goodness went back into the bulb?

31 Jul, 2018


shrivelled buds is often a sign of lack of water. the buds fail to develop and die.
Distorted growth probably due to some sap sucking insect that damaged the early growth.

31 Jul, 2018


Its been the hottest summer for many years here and they were in full sun! didn't realise they wouldn't tolerate the heat, the ones I cut down were totally gone (not a single bit of green on the stalk/leaves. If anything I would say I overwatered (soaked 2-3 times week)but maybe not enough in a clay/concrete pot? I thought myself some sort of insect but never noticed anything and they were checked often. Many thanks for the input.

31 Jul, 2018


Better luck next year, keep um in the shade next time LOL.

1 Aug, 2018


the ones in pots I watered every day, sometimes twice so yes I think they were under watered. Hopefully the stress to the plant made it conserve itself and the bulb will grow away again next year. it may not flower but here's hoping.

1 Aug, 2018

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