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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hello guys, I just want to report having 7 trusses on my toms for the first time ever, even if the top one’s are pea size. I wonder how many you proper gardeners have on yours ?



We did have several trusses on our tomato plants in pots on the patio. However, when taking off the side shoots my husband accidentally cut right through the main stem on one plant. He was not a happy bunny but I couldn't help laughing. The tomato plant, of course, died. :(

31 Jul, 2018


Bad luck A, i did the same thing with my blackberry bush, cut off one of next year’s canes and left in the old one in place. Fortunately I had a couple more,

31 Jul, 2018


5 as we remove anymore that form. ;o)

31 Jul, 2018


Hank you are a proper gardener....

1 Aug, 2018


Nice of you to say that S, but sadly I’m as good at gardening ( though I love it ) as I am at cooking ( just can’t be bothered ) where I have about 6 recipes I can manage. Thank goodness my son can cook.
And I thought that friend Bathgate would have reported in by now re the size of his toms. Where are you buddy ?

1 Aug, 2018

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