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By Colter

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

Does anyone know of a plant called Brenda , would like to buy for a friend in memory of her mum



I put Plant Varieties 'Brenda' into google and a list of plants came up.
eg a Magnolia, Tanacetum coccineum ‘Brenda’ , Rambling rose 'Brenda Colvin' , there is at least 1 hosta with Brenda in its varietal name.

hope this helps

1 Aug, 2018


Fuchsia ( Brenda White Fuchsia )

Single white corolla with sepals of greenish-white. Blooms in early summer to early August. The fuchsia has oval, green leaves and produce fruits that are edible but not appetizing. Mulch heavily where winters are cold. Prune back dead or broken branches in spring, especially on plants that were left outside in areas with mild winters.

Plus a White Rose
Rambling Rose

Also there is a Gerbera called Brenda.

Jackie T x

1 Aug, 2018


Thanknyouni had already used Google and came up withbthe fuchsia but she doesn't like fushias and the Brenda Colvin, but I specificalldont want another person's surname as I feel it takes the emphasisboff the Brenda it is in memory of. Google does say you can pay and name a rose,that maybe the alternative but you then get it in seed form and I am unsure how green her fingers are☺

1 Aug, 2018


It takes time to get a new cultivar from seed. It takes me 4-5 years for my daylilies and costs $20 USD to register, if the seedling is worth it. Then there are the rules that if it is not the name of a close relative, a release is required that has been signed by the person or the executor of the estate if deceased. This year I did register one for my grandmother - Mable Esther Stutz. Try and find a flower with that name!

1 Aug, 2018

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