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I sowed pansy seeds in a seed compost but these seedlings came up first. It's possible that poppy seeds got spilt on the potting table. The stem has hairs and also under the larger leaves. Have I been nurturing nettles?




Well, it certainly looks like it! It's not difficult to nurture nettles! They manage to insinuate themselves in anywhere! You can be sure they are not poppies at least!

1 Aug, 2018


Ha! Ha! This happens to me when I added some to my Rose in a pot :o))

1 Aug, 2018


well one way to see if they are nettles is to brush against them and if you get stung....
they do look like nettles and I find some composts do contain a lot of them. grr
but definitely not poppies.

2 Aug, 2018


Not all nettles sting: they could be stingers or dead nettles. It looks like they're not hairy, so probably dead nettle,- but either way it's a weed!

6 Aug, 2018


there does appear to be a stinging 'hair' visible on the top left leaf stem next to the smaller pair of leaves.

6 Aug, 2018

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