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Can you ID this red plant for me? I know I posted this question before, but now this plant is a little more developed and it stands out like a beacon. How did it get here? Have you ever seen a plant like this?

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I just looked for this, very pretty. Similar to Beefsteak plant or Perilla frutescans according to Illinois widflowers but yours looks shinier so I'll keep looking. (maybe another Perilla)

1 Aug, 2018


Thank you. This pic is just after a rain shower. That might explain why it's shiny. I see that Perilla is in the mint family. I now think I know were it came from (My former neighbor used to grow various kinds of mint. She passed away and this is right on the border between our houses.) Maybe I can use this in lemonade.

1 Aug, 2018


That's the closest I can find Bathgate although another Perilla, Purple shiso looks very similar. Edible too it says although I wouldn't try it unless I 100% knew what I was eating!!

1 Aug, 2018


Does a crushed leaf smell minty?

1 Aug, 2018


It did say mint family Pennyfarthing if it's Perilla.

1 Aug, 2018


I took a couple leaves intending to use them for lemonade, but they weren't minty at all. The smell is rather pungent, a little off-putting.

2 Aug, 2018


Could it be Atriplex which is I believe classed as a weed? Pretty though and not long lasting.

3 Aug, 2018


No...Atriplex has alternate leaves, while this one is opposite. I would have said shiso, myself, but it apparently doesn't smell right--though shiso smells more like Thai basil than mint, to me.

3 Aug, 2018


As mentioned, I don't want to risk eating it unless I know for sure. You might be right Tug. It could be shiso. Here's what I found about shiso...

'Shiso has a unique flavor: pungent and grassy, it contains strong flavors of spearmint, basil, anise and cinnamon.'

3 Aug, 2018


thanks everyone for your input

5 Aug, 2018

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