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Dudley., United Kingdom Gb

Hi, nice to be back!
Could anyone tell me what this plant is please, has just sprung up in my garden(?) not sure if it is a weed or not, it has truncated stem bit similar to a bamboo and small pink flowers not open yet. It has distinctive black pattern on each leaf. Google'd it with no joy.
many thanks :)

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Try Redshank, Polygonum persicaria

2 Aug, 2018


Hi Steragram,

Perfect! thank you.
So it is a weed.
Info says it is one of the first to germinate from imported top soil, I have just a few months ago topped my shallow borders with topsoil etc guess that is where it came from!

Many thanks for clearing that up :) x

2 Aug, 2018


Out it comes, BTW! ;p

2 Aug, 2018


yes it is a nuisance but in a wilder area it is very popular with the insects. I has pretty leaf markings too. but in a border it needs to come out. I am constantly finding it in bought compost too. so much for it being weed free. And it is a named brand!

2 Aug, 2018


Yes it is pretty, that's why I wasn't sure about it being a weed or not before I pulled it :)

2 Aug, 2018


There are cultivated varieties of Persicaria though, if you like it. (Persicaria bistort)

2 Aug, 2018


I have some lovely cultivated ones - but this needs to come out pronto.

6 Aug, 2018

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