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By Sued

Northumberland, United Kingdom Gb

Have bought some dahlia tubers for not a lot should I plant now or store live in the borders



Although it's very late, if they are still solid and not dried out, I would plant them out ASAP and get them into leaf. If they start to re-generate then give them a feed too

2 Aug, 2018


Hi, welcome to GoY, it'sa bit late for flowers this year, but I think I would plant them rather than try to store them, you will probably get some growth, but by the time they are large enough to flower, it will be time to lift and store them, wait until the growth is blackened by frost, and then dig them up and store upside down to remove any water in the stems, then store as normal, Derek.

2 Aug, 2018


Thank you both for answere will plant now

2 Aug, 2018


I agree with the advice too.

2 Aug, 2018


Just to add, if you intend to plant them in the garden and your soil is free-draining and not too exposed, then I would just leave them to die down in the autumn and place a heavy mulch over them. They should overwinter and take off quicker next spring.

2 Aug, 2018

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