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I'm hoping someone here can help me but at the beginning of the year I bought what I thought was fresh turmeric from a supermarket, which I totally forgot about! When I went through my potato box in the kitchen I found it again and it had produced a small shoot. I promptly potted it and kept it in my poly tunnel!

Following the heatwave we've been going through it has grown really well but when I looked up turmeric plants on the internet to see how to care for it, my plant doesn't look like one! Did I buy something else? Can anyone identify this plant for me, please?

Img_2866 Img_2867 Img_2868



Similar to Colocasia plant but not sure. I have Alocasia house plant but that's a different colour.

3 Aug, 2018


It's definitely a Colocasia. Sold as turmeric, that could be damaging, because some breeds of Colocasia have lots of oxalic acid in them, which can burn the mouth. Hopefully, you would have noticed that it didn't turn bright yellow!

4 Aug, 2018


Wow, thanks for the id on this one Thorneyside and Tugbrethil. Interesting, Tugbrethil, that this plant is sold as a turmeric (whilst not being a real one) as I bought the tuber from a Morissons store in its fruit and veg dept!

Well, it is a pretty plant and I will be keeping it anyway.

Thanks again!

4 Aug, 2018


It would be in the fruit & veg area as it is eaten in the South Pacific and called taro. It is used to make poi, or it can be peeled and boiled, then eaten. Not one of my favorite veggies - too bland. It is grown in the Azores and called Inhame.

4 Aug, 2018


Wow! Such an education on this site.

4 Aug, 2018


Looks like you've got yourself a good new houseplant!

6 Aug, 2018

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