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Plant i.d please. Given to my by a friend and the only info I got was ‘trailing, bright blue flowered sprig’. Foliage feels a little prickly. Any idea? Would like to know if it grows big, is hardy, if it likes full sun etc....

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doesn't it smell like rosemary? if yes then that is what it is. I'm using a very small tablet and cant get a particularly good view of it. ;o)

or it could be lithodora that has bright blue flowers in spring.

5 Aug, 2018


Doesn’t smell like rosemary, looked up Lithodora and it does look like that. Thank you for that. :)

5 Aug, 2018


It reminds me of Phlox subulata. Lithodora leaves are rather thick and leathery …

8 Aug, 2018


I also thought phlox at first but the bright blue flowers made me think lithodora.
hopefully it will flower next spring and Amsterdam will let us know.

8 Aug, 2018


Ah yes, just read about the flowers lol ! :D Lithodora then …
Must slow down a bit .

8 Aug, 2018


Have just planted it in my rockery so hope it will give me a good show of bright blue flowers next year.

9 Aug, 2018

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