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Annoying ads …Does anyone know how I can stop seeing funeral ads ?


By Hywel

Carmarthenshire, Wales Wal

Annoying ads …
Does anyone know how I can stop seeing funeral ads ? I keep seeing ads for funerals and I don't want to see them.

I know I'm going to die one day but I don't want funeral ads thrust at me all the time every day.

I click on the x to stop seeing the ad and then click on the options, and I get a message saying they will not show me that ad again
but they do ! … ALL the time !

I would be grateful if anyone could advise me on how I can stop seeing these depressing ads.
Thank you.

PS - please don't tell me to ignore them. I've tried that but they are there in my face all the time and it isn't possible to ignore them.



Install this software on your computer - works like a dream!

Adblock Plus

5 Aug, 2018


Thanks I'll try it.
I get lots of ads and I don't mind them but I get more funeral ads than anything else and they are depressing me.

5 Aug, 2018


I hate ads in general. They are so intrusive. I don't even watch TV anymore. Hope this works. I've been using it for years.

5 Aug, 2018


I've downloaded it now and all the ads have disappeared.
Thank you.

I wouldn't have done it but they didn't listen when I asked them to block the funeral ones … so it's their own fault.

Yes I am the same with the tv, seldom watch it. It's mostly rubbish anyway.

5 Aug, 2018


I can’t bare ads popping up all the time. I bet most people are annoyed by them, I would imagine the firms who advertise like this don’t get any orders from them as we all click the X to get rid. I actually work in a funeral home and we don’t thrust our services in peoples’ faces - we know it’s a very sensitive subject and certainly don’t want people to be upset. We get calls and emails from agents who want us to advertise in the most ridiculous places, like the railway platform alongside an advert for the Samaritans!!! I wish they’d think about the sensitivity of the topic first!!

6 Aug, 2018


I'm glad you've got it sorted now Hywel with Bathgate's help. I'm fortunate that I don't get many ads on my IPad.

6 Aug, 2018


Thank you all :)

7 Aug, 2018

How do I say thanks?

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