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what is this I have growing in my back yard




Datura, I believe. Known as Angels Trumpet.

6 Aug, 2018


thanks, I looked up angels trumpet, it looks close but I don't think it is, at the base of the flower a long thing is growing, at first I though it was some kind of cucumber, I may have to wait and see

6 Aug, 2018


not sure what it is but the long thing at the back of the flower is the ovary which is now forming a seed pod. was the flower a trumpet shape?

6 Aug, 2018


I think it might be Thorn-Apple, Datura stramonium. If it is it will get prickly fruits It is a poisonous plant & not a native of Britain but is widely naturalised throughout, waste & cultivated land. I think it is attractive.

6 Aug, 2018


I found better picture of it on line, you are correct it is a thorn-apple.Its found here is the so/west U.S. and Mexico.
thank you very much.

6 Aug, 2018


You're welcome. An attractive plant if kept under control.

6 Aug, 2018


This is a plant more suitable to be grown in the garden of the mythical Dr. Giacomo Rappaccini. I think it is utterly repulsive in appearance and odor.

7 Aug, 2018

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