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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

I’ve just cleared an area of ground, about 6 ft by 3 ft, and want to cover the fence shown ( 6 ft + x 5 ft ) and the fence 3 ft x 5 ft round the corner with something edible if possible. But the area only gets sun in the late afternoon.
I already have a fabulous blackberry bush and wondered if there was something similar but not quite as vigorous I could put here I could put in this small area.

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Thornless loganberry? Fan trained Jostaberry?

7 Aug, 2018


Thanks O, will look them both up. Never heard of a Jostaberry.

7 Aug, 2018


Not Jostaberry, another friend recommends Goji berry but not sure about this. May have to be loganberry - will be down at the local garden centre tomorrow ( but may be the wrong time of year ?

7 Aug, 2018


Cordon trained redcurrant - made for the job. Would just fit the space nicely. Love loganberriews but they take more work and more space and I'm getting idle in my old age...

7 Aug, 2018


OB, Loganberry would have been my choice. I used to have them from the garden when I was a kid. They are lovely with ice cream but best slightly stewed hot with custard.

7 Aug, 2018


Cover it over with membrane and start with edible crops next season which means that you can grow what ever you want.

7 Aug, 2018


Goji berries are a waste of time. They rarely fruit well in Britain and the fruit not worth the effort (to me at least).

7 Aug, 2018


Thanks very much all, i much appreciate your comments.

8 Aug, 2018

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