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My Salixis is in a large pot

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Salix is in a large pot. I keep it moist at all times.
The last week I have noticed a lot of drying out and it doesn't look at all happy. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong would be greatly appreciated...

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How long has it been in the same pot? And is it in sun or shade? And what part of the country are you in? Otherwise, a photo would be useful...

7 Aug, 2018


It depends on how big is your Salix and what variety. Yes, they do demand lots of water. If however, you plant is not that big, its root system will not deal with too much water as it restricts oxygen from getting to the roots. Even a small subject will be OK in the ground as the water will still drain away and not become waterlogged. If it is large, I would suggest that you transfer it into the garden so regular watering will not become critical.

7 Aug, 2018

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