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How do Pelargoniums produce this wonderful red in two shades, which never fades all summer ? Its almost as if it has a pot of colour in its roots. I know plants produce green naturally, but this red really is amazing. I have two on my balcony, so view them on eye level every day.



I have classic mosaic red as well, and it is intense. I don't know how it produces this amazing color, but I enjoy it immensely.

8 Aug, 2018


Hi Dianne, it's done by hybridization, and the plants natural instincts to flower, but it can take years to get the desired plant, this is a very simplified answer, but you will get the gist, Derek.

8 Aug, 2018


the actual red colour is produced by specific pigments produced by the plant. the wavelength of light they reflect is then seen by your eye. there will also be green pigments [chlorophylls] present too.
there are many red pigments responsible for leaf, petal and fruit colour. Betalain is the pigment for the red of beetroots.
a few years ago my a-level students did a chromatogram of red leaf pelargoniums and they found 2 red pigments but we didn't go any further in identifying them as it was not the point of the exercise.

8 Aug, 2018


Thank you. A fascinating subject which can be applied to all flowers and fruit.

9 Aug, 2018

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