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Watering outside tomatoes in pots.

Can you all settle an argument please? Him Indoors insists on watering the tomatoes in the morning or even near lunchtime, says it’s not good for them to sit overnight with wet feet. Now, that’s as maybe but given the very high temperatures we’ve had plus the strong breezes we get here I think the water evaporates too quickly and makes them wilt. They are situated against the south facing house wall on the patio.



Here in the Arizona desert, we always water in the morning, so it has moisture available during the day. Of course, in the real heat, we also water again in the midafternoon.

13 Aug, 2018


Here in New York, we've been getting daily deluge & sometimes nightly thunderstorms with a deluge as well. I just need to get out there and pick the ripe ones before the skins split. I enjoy a break from watering and loads of tasty tomatoes.

13 Aug, 2018


This year I've stood my cherry toms in a tray and allowed a little water to remain in it. Its only like ring culture where you fertilise the pot and water the outer container, and it helps to keep a slightly more humid atmosphere round the plants. Could possibly dilute the flavour a bit but I got a huge crop.Otherwise I would water in the evening to give the plants more time to absorb what they need before the drying sun gets on them again, and in very dry weather check them again in the morning just in case..

14 Aug, 2018


Thanks for the answers. I still don't know quite what is best but since I'm not the grower it's up to the OH to do what he wants. I'll stick to flowers.

17 Aug, 2018


I think the best time to water is in the morning. That way the toms are fully hydrated before the hot afternoon sun.

18 Aug, 2018

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