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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Is comfrey one of the fastest growing plants ? I cut mine level with the ground every 3 weeks and 3 weeks later it’s ready for cutting again. And it has so many uses - I made a poultice out of it today much to my son’s amusemant.




I suppose it is, like you I cut mine back so many times through into autumn and it just keeps on coming, certain clumps I leave to go to flower as the bees just love them.

13 Aug, 2018


its said bamboo is the fastest growing plant, i too have Comfrey and use it a lot as fertilizer, i read a while ago that it needs feeding too, eamonn

14 Aug, 2018


I didn’t know it needs feeding E, with what ? Any ideas ?

15 Aug, 2018


It's something I'm continually trying to get rid of!

20 Aug, 2018

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