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Taking cuttings hi im gardening for the last 50 years , ive taken cuttings from all sort of plants /shrubs etc and grown fruit trees from seeds etc, but only recently i thought , ( to which my question is can you take cuttings from apple plum and pear trees) i know modern fruit trees are grafted onto a root stock which deter mends the height that tree will grow, but is it successful to just take cuttings put them in a gritty medium an grow them on. thank you for any of your future answers regards Eamonn



Couldn't hurt to try if you're pruning anyway to maintain size?
With access to the internet maybe you could even learn to make grafts yourself. A lot of pears are grafted onto quince, you could get one of those & take cuttings from that too! You'll have your own nursery ☺

20 Aug, 2018

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