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I have Fuschia named 'Upright Blackie' and something is eating the ends of the plant, it is not slugs or snails (no slime trails). They are cutting off the buds and leaves, no sign of them on the soil so must be eaten. Please help because it is one of my favourite plants.



Can you post a photo of the plant please...

15 Aug, 2018


I can't find how to down load pictures, is there an easy way, please help.

15 Aug, 2018


Have a good look along the branches to see if you can spot a elephant hawk moth caterpillar which love fuschias. We had one 2 years ago with some damage to the foliage, but the plant recovered the next year and haven't seen the same caterpillar again. The caterpillar is about 10cms long and the thickness of an adult finger!!

15 Aug, 2018


Thank you Barbarak, yes it is Elephant Hawk Moth, it was hiding on the soil and we could not see it at first. We searched the leaves but as the plant is not very big we thought that no way could a caterpillar that size be on the plant, but when we looked at the soil there it was. It is very beautiful and I am keeping it till it pupates and then changes into a month, we have 8 other plants that are a lot bigger than the one he was on and so he now has a choice of different leaves. Thank you once again, very grateful for your info. winnie

15 Aug, 2018


I've just said as much on your latest question. Thank you for not killing it.

15 Aug, 2018

How do I say thanks?

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