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Can anyone advise me on the best time to trim viburnum bondnantese dawn? I do prune the small tree but always seem to encourage the branches to grow straight up.



It flowers on wood made the previous year, so the best time is immediately after it finishes flowering. The shrub has an upright habit so it is doing what comes naturally

15 Aug, 2018


I pruned mine in April so that it has plenty of time to produce new flowering stems for next winter.

15 Aug, 2018


Such speedy answers! Thankyou Andrewr and Hywel. Your answers agree so I will do as you suggest and do the pruning after flowering which is about April. I love this site!!!!

15 Aug, 2018


I do mine in mid-March once it's finished flowering and before the new season's growth begins. It does want to be tall, and I keep mine to about 8', - but I had it much smaller in my previous garden and it still flowered wonderfully. So, you can really do whatever you want with it. It's all in the timing!

20 Aug, 2018

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