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I would like to say thank you to every one who helped me with my Fuschia problem. I have kept the caterpillar and look forward to seeing the moth. Thought you might like to see the caterpillar.




I hope you're still letting him feed on your fuschia leaves? He still needs them before he turns into a chrysalis.

16 Aug, 2018


I love these.Its amazing it ate such a lot of your fuchsia even though he's a biggie!

16 Aug, 2018


I think that it has buried itself in the soil ready to pupate. Will keep taking photos when I find the pupa and also when it changes into a moth.

17 Aug, 2018


Yes it looks like an elephant hawkmoth. The big spots like eyes on its body are to deter predators. It will turn into a brown and orangey moth which I found a bit disappointing after the magnificence of the caterpillar! We need to preserve them though, and fuchsias are the favourite foodplant.

17 Aug, 2018

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