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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Not a question but a big sigh of relief - a friend gave me tomato seeds earlier this year, and all of them came up. They look awful things, but once ripe they make the best tomato sandwiches ever.




They look good to me. Let me know how you like them. I'm not "thrilled" with my bland tomatoes this year. I'd like to try something new next year.

18 Aug, 2018


They look great Hank, just like proper tomatoes. I'm fed up with supermarket rubbish and we're off to France in a few weeks to sample some tasty fruit and veg.

18 Aug, 2018


I grew Country Taste tomatoes this year and we cut them in half and roast them. They are truly meaty like a beefsteak.

18 Aug, 2018


Not awful at all - that's how they're supposed to look.The important things are did they crop well and do they taste good...

18 Aug, 2018


I like a meaty tomato that stands up to zesty Italian dressing and Ranch.

18 Aug, 2018


Thanks for the replies. I always grow Gardeners Delight toms which I find really good and don’t have the thicker skins many others have - and I grow couple of others which just take my fancy at the time of buying.
But I’ve never grown beefsteak before successfully and these were so easy, with large trusses - even though they looked distorted - and once really ripe I’ve been eating tomato and cucumber sanwiches with s. and p, vinegar and salad cream on for my lunch the last 3 days and will do the same tomorrow. Haven’t touched any of my other toms since these ripened.
I hope I’m able to save some of the seeds for next year.

18 Aug, 2018


glad you are having a good crop. but the seed you save is unlikely to come true if this is a F1 or F2 variety.

18 Aug, 2018


Oh dammit, S, are you sure about that ?

19 Aug, 2018


well if it is an F1 or F2 then yes I am 100% certain.
its down to the genetics. these are created from a strict breeding plan to ensure the desired genes are present. if you the use the seed they produce they are combining genes in a different way. think about it as how human parents produce 2 daughters but they do not resemble either parent or each other. [I have a leggy blonde girl and a slim petite redheaded girl. I am neither leggy slim blonde or redheaded nor is hubby come to think of it. though you can see familiar resemblance to put us as a family. hope that makes sense Hank]

having said all of that you may get something that is even better.

20 Aug, 2018


Thanks again S.G. That just about sums it up.

21 Aug, 2018

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