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By Hywel

Carmarthenshire, Wales Wal

A friend found this growing on a sand dune. I don't know what it is. Can anyone identify it please.




It looks like an Oenothera, but I'll have to look up which one. A sand dune in Wales, Hywel?

20 Aug, 2018


Thank you, Yes it was on the west coast near Cardigan.

20 Aug, 2018


That's a nice plant.

20 Aug, 2018


I have an orange one called sunset boulevard and it looks very much like this. I do know there are other orange/peach forms. it will have been a chance seedling.
the dilemma is do you leave it to self seed or remove it as it isn't a native?

20 Aug, 2018


Thank you all …
My friend only went there for the week end so can't remove it.

20 Aug, 2018


Can't remove it without the land owner's permission, anyway. If it's on public land, notify a ranger...keeper...arrgh, whatever the proper term would be in Wales. Sorry, Hywel. Ignorant Yankee, again!

20 Aug, 2018


I wouldn't call you ignorant Tugbrethil !
I don't know who owned the land. My friend said she saw it when she went for a walk and I assumed it was a sand dune because the place where she was is by the sea.
I don't think there'd be a ranger or anything there, unless it was in a nature reserve or somewhere similar.
Anyway she was only there for a week-end and I don't suppose she'll be going back.

21 Aug, 2018

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