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By Emmie01

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I got this plant (see pic), whose name now escapes me, a while ago and it was healthy for quite some time. Its leaves were very glossy. It sits on a table by a north-facing window in a room with plenty of sunlight. I’ve been watering it weekly or whenever soil gets dry. Why is it looking so dull and almost wrinkled? Please help!




It looks like a ficus to me. They do have shiny leaves but they can become dulled with dust. Try gently washing the leaves with a cotton wool ball and warm water. Baby bio make some white stuff you can wipe on to feed the leaves and keep them glossy.

20 Aug, 2018


A north facing window....hmm..I’d say too much light, but on a north facing window thats less likely. Could it have caught some direct sunlight?

20 Aug, 2018


Thank you for your relies.

It might have caught some direct sunlight as it’s right next to the window. Shall I move it then?

21 Aug, 2018

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