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I wonder if anyone can identify the attached flower for me please.

Thanks in advance

Dscf4349 Dscf4350



Stachys sylvatica - Hedge Woundwort

20 Aug, 2018


+1 Hywel! AKA Wood Woundwort

20 Aug, 2018


And it does what it says on the tin - I tried it!

20 Aug, 2018


and I hate the smell of it. a good British native but I am trying to get it out of most of the borders. every year I find a new bit grr.

20 Aug, 2018


Yikes Stera, what did you do with it?!
Is it right it smells like mouse pee Seaburn?

20 Aug, 2018


Lol! Mouse pee? Who knows what that smells like?

20 Aug, 2018


Another mouse?

20 Aug, 2018


Sadly, I do. In my youth, I stayed in an apartment with mice. Mice?..not nice!

20 Aug, 2018


Its a long time ago Bainliam but I would have rubbed a leaf on the wound, not eaten it! Now I come to think it might have been Self Heal I tried, and that worked. But in any case these country names are usually given for a good reason - eg comfrey used to be known as "knit bone" and makes excellent compresses for sprains. If you are interested in testing it out a compress on a small wound would be a good experiment.
If you get interested in natural remedies remember Ribwort Plantain is much better than dock leaves for nettle stings!

21 Aug, 2018

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