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Can somebody please ID these mushrooms? Can I eat them or would that be the last thing I ever do? Thanks

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The nearest I can get is Agaricus sylvatica but that should have a small bump (umbo) in the centre of the cap and this one appears to have a slight depression. Pretty sure its an agaric of some kind but some are edible and some deadly. It may be one that doesn't grow here. If you bruise the cap does it bruise ochre or stay white? Are the gills attached to the stem at the top or is there a slight gap?
To be sure of an identification you need a cross section, a spore print and a view of the whole stem including the bottom.
It is very risky to give edibility advice from just a photo.
Agarics can be edible, hallucinogenic or deadly. Maybe someone else will give a definite identification.

21 Aug, 2018


Can you see the gill in the top photo? Does this help? I love mushrooms but have doubts about eating these

21 Aug, 2018


The questions about gills are whether the they are attached to the top of the stem and if so is it directly or curving down a bit.
Also are they widely spaced or close together and what colour are they when fresh and when old. When the spores drop what colour are they (You have to remove a cap and leave it on white paper overnight - they will fall and leave a pattern on the paper.. if you bruise the flesh does it change colour. If you remove a stem intact from the ground does it end in a point of is it thicker at the bottom. I have just looked through one of my mushroom books and none of the agarics have umbos so am not convinced that's what they are after all. You would be a lot safer to miss a potential treat than to bite the dust through taking chances. unless someone who knows a lot more than I do is willing to be definite please don't risk it!

If you want to take it further contact the New York Mycological Society (& if you do, let me know what they say!)

21 Aug, 2018


Cases where people get poisoned by mushrooms are often the result of someone being in a different place and thinking they are picking a harmless mushroom because it looks like one they pick at home.

In other words, a worldwide forum is, probably, not the best place to ask this question.

I suggest you follow Steragram's advice and ask someone local.

22 Aug, 2018


Somebody may actually know what these are.

22 Aug, 2018


The NY Mycol. Soc. will for sure.

22 Aug, 2018


thank you

22 Aug, 2018

How do I say thanks?

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