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can you cook an overgrown cucumber



Out of interest, how big is it?
I've never cooked it but I see no reason you couldn't add it at the end of a stir fry. I often grate & press the water out of it then mix it with yoghurt, cumin & salt as a raita. Also there's lots of simple recipes for' refrigerator pickles' online: just vinegar, water, salt, sugar & herbs & spices. Put in jars & store in the fridge for 4 or 5 days. One tip, adding something high in tannins helps to maintain crunchiness, blackcurrant or vine leaves that sort of thing

23 Aug, 2018


Great tip for keeping your pickles crunchy Darren! Thanks :)

23 Aug, 2018


I had a stir fry in a Thai restaurant only yesterday that had cucumber in it. I would never have thought to do that myself but it seemed like a good idea, especially if you have a glut!

24 Aug, 2018


I'm going to Google Thai cucumber stir fry very soon, four healthy plants was way too much for one person!!
Cukes in my favourite Ken Dodd joke - What a lovely day to poke a cucumber through the vicar's letterbox & shout 'The aliens are coming, the aliens are coming!'

25 Aug, 2018

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