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Hosta (la vita!)


By Thecat

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi everybody, haven't been on the site for over a year due to lots of changes and events in life. The garden, however, is the one constant and thank God for that!
What a year for gardeners!! We had some major changes in the garden too, paving, a new wall and after many years of wishing, a new bigger greenhouse. There was quite an upheaval and the expected recovery was kiboshed by the long hot, dry summer. Thankfully now we seem to be getting plenty of rain and things are improving at long last.

Right down to my question. I have just bought 2 small hosta plants which I intend to grow in pots. I deliberately bought plants which have 2 stems sprouting in each pot, with the hope I can split them to double my stock. Should I repot them to let them grow bigger first or can I just split them now, and if so how do I do that? Best wishes to all hope everything horticultural and otherwise is ok with you.



nice to have you back. I would give them a weak foliar feed now and then split them in the spring when you can wash the old compost off and see where you have the growing points. this will make splitting them easier.

24 Aug, 2018


Don't think it really matters.

24 Aug, 2018


Thanks for the replies.
Seaburngirl, that sounds sensible, I'll go with that, thanks again.

27 Aug, 2018

How do I say thanks?

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